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How to Maintain and Take Care of Braids & Twists (Protective style)

Once you’ve spent hours in the salon chair achieving that perfect braided look, you’ll want to maintain the style for as long as possible, but after a few weeks in, your braids may be in need of a reset. While we don’t recommend leaving your box braids in past six weeks, here are some maintenance tips that will keep your braids fresh and neat until the very end.

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Whilst your natural hair is in braids(protective style), you’ll want to keep it moisturized and healthy. There are ways to moisturize your braids/natural hair underneath to keep them healthier, shining, clean, and neat. On wash days, grab a spritz bottle fill it with water, and clarifying/hydrating  shampoo( shake well) spray unto hair and slowly wash/ condition hair, massaging the scalp slowly( not vigorously) and running your hands from top to a downward motion to avoid braids loosening or Frizz. open up the shower to wash out the shampoo. Repeat with conditioner(read the manufacturer label to see how long to keep the conditioner in before rinsing. Once that is done,  grab your fav. oil preferably our Handcrafted growth oil. Click the link for a hot oil treatment( Double boiler or microwave 10-15 secs,  caution if it's too hot) and slowly massage onto your scalp/roots. During the week, braid sprays are perfect, our Hair mist is water-based, Formulated with hydrating oils, and braid sprays give lightweight, and adds moisture and extra shine to your braids.

2. Wash Day

 To get rid of product buildup, you’ll need to wash your braids at around the three-week mark (though you’ll need to wash them sooner and more often if you get them wet at the beach or pool). Not only will this cleanse your scalp, but it will get rid of any extra weight from products and dust on your strands. For all the tips on how to wash your braids and avoid frizz, go here.

3. Avoid Over-styling

One of the best features of braids is their ability to be styled a million different ways. While it can be tempting to always pull your braids into a high ponytail or a stunning top knot, the end results are definitely not worth it. The constant wear and tear can easily lead to looser braids and a faster takeout time. This tension can also affect your natural hair and even lead to shedding and hair loss from too much pulling. While there’s no harm in doing these styles every so often, it’s best to keep your styles lowkey for the majority of the time.

4. Practice Proper Night Care

Before you go to bed, it’s best to wrap your braids in a silk scarf or a bonnet. This can reduce friction while you sleep, and preserve your braids, while also combating frizz. If bonnets and scarves aren’t your thing, you can also use a silk or satin pillowcase to achieve the same results.


5. Do a Braid Touch-Up

If all else fails and your box braids are looking fuzzier than you’d like before the eight weeks are up, you can always go for a hairline touch up. Since most people see only the perimeter of your braids, getting your hairline re-braided is an easy and quick way to get a salon-fresh look in record time.

6. Know when it’s time to take them out

For all the tips and tricks to preserve your braids, you have to remember that they’re not meant to last forever. These tips are meant to help your braids stay at their best throughout the six weeks, but after that, it’s best to take them down to give your hair a break from the added weight (fragile strands, over time, can easily snap under all that pressure). Before you go for your next braid fix, remember to let your natural hair breathe for about one to two weeks.

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